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Click and Hire

Searching through stacks of applications for the right person can be time-consuming and expensive. And when you find that great new employee, the protocols and paperwork needed to get that person on board takes more time and effort.

Click and Hire™ streamlines hiring with tools and processes that save time and money, and ensures all necessary documents and checks are in order. This Web-based hiring system speeds applicant flow and makes it simple for recruiters and hiring managers to:
• Set up an interactive career page on your company website that includes social media, videos and more
• Reach a large, diverse applicant pool through job boards, social media and your career page
• Track candidates throughout the hiring process
• Communicate with candidates via email and electronic forms
Using the Click and Hire hiring system, candidates complete job applications, prescreenings and assessments that gauge how well they fit the position. This information helps your hiring managers quickly recognize the strongest candidates based on accurate, objective facts and evaluations. Click and Hire also increases applicant flow.

When you’ve made your decision, the Click and Hire hiring systems makes on-boarding more efficient by letting you:
• Create and send offer letters electronically
• Complete on-boarding paperwork online with data imported from the new hire’s application
• Identify new hires eligible for the Work Opportunity Tax Credit
• Conduct background checks
BHI’s experienced consultants can help you customize Click and Hire hiring assessments to fit your hiring processes and create a workflow that lets you spend your time and money dealing with only the most qualified people. Click and Hire integrates easily with job boards, payroll systems, background-check providers, human resource information systems and tax credit services, providing one tool for controlling multiple processes.

You can also use Click and Hire to build customized reports to monitor and analyze every facet of your hiring process, from the quality of candidates received from various sources, the diversity of applicants and hires, to hiring statistics organized by region or hiring manager. Other available analytics include:
• Applicant: interview ratio
• Applicant: hire ratio
• Interview: hire ratio
• Candidate drop-off trends
• Reasons for declining candidates
• Reasons candidates decline offers
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