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It is not as simple as breaking the glass ceiling - the key to promoting women in top leadership positions involves a system wide approach to break down several obstacles facing women throughout their careers.
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Batrus Hollweg International (BHI), the leading human capital consulting firm serving the restaurant industry, has announced that it will be implementing a talent management initiative for Rita Restaurant Corp.
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Take The Uncertainty Out Of Hiring

Building a solid business requires the right foundation. To meet your goals, you need a workforce as committed to success as you are.
• Zero in on top talent with solutions tailored to your company’s unique culture and needs.
• Reduce hiring mistakes by leveraging tools developed by leading industrial and organizational psychologists.
• Screen and track potential employees with our fully integrated Click and Hire™ applicant tracking system.
• Review the best candidates at a glance and move them seamlessly through the hiring process.

Align Talent With Your Business Objectives

Create the staff you need to lead your company into the future.

Select Top Talent
• Evaluate candidates quickly and accurately.
• Leverage BHI’s experience with a database that includes more than 5 million hourly employees and managers.
Develop Internal Talent
• Increase retention and employee satisfaction with clear career paths.
• Prepare your top talent for leadership roles with cutting-edge development tools and coaching.
For over 40 years, BHI has helped thousands of companies identify, train and grow the best talent– from hourly workers, salespeople, and managers to professionals and top executives. From competency models and training to performance management and succession planning, BHI partners with you to build effective and efficient workforces focused on success.
management consulting
The SQPlus™ assessment was utilized for hourly employee hiring over a four-month period at a large box entertainment complex.
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